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The idea as articulated by 10-year-old Reuben

bb8-communicator-page1bb8-communicator-page2Reuben’s idea of BB8 Communicator
Hello. I’m Reuben Redekop, and me and my family have been working on a project called: BB8 Communicator. BB8 is a round, orange-and-white droid from the new STAR WARS movie The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, he only speaks in beeps and whistles, so only pilots, Jedi, Sith and skilled Force users can understand him...

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What is BB-8 Communicator?

We imagine the cool sounds BB-8 makes to actually represent real dialogue… this is a home science project that the Redekop boys are embarking on and will report back here as we do research into this! ┬áThe first step is actually to capture all the sounds that BB-8 makes and use frequency detection tools to map out BB-8’s frequency range of output in Hz.

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