The idea as articulated by 10-year-old Reuben

bb8-communicator-page1bb8-communicator-page2Reuben’s idea of BB8 Communicator
Hello. I’m Reuben Redekop, and me and my family have been working on a project called: BB8 Communicator. BB8 is a round, orange-and-white droid from the new STAR WARS movie The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, he only speaks in beeps and whistles, so only pilots, Jedi, Sith and skilled Force users can understand him. Now, BB8 communicator would be like iMessage. Imagine this: two friends are using iMessage to text each other. They’ll say something like [see illustration]. This is an example of iMessage. BB8 Communicator would be like [see illustration].

In the movie, J.J. Abrams would have just made up a bunch of random bee-bop-boops. For BB8 communicator, each beep would be a different tone. You would press the microphone and hold it while you speak, like Voxer. Your message will be sent when you let go. The person on the other side would play the new beeping message, press the decode button, and listen to the message in English. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to show this paper to my Dad.

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